Should I cut wind holes in a banner?

Australia’s climate is extremely variable, which means banners have to withstand some very harsh conditions. High winds can damage banners if they haven’t been installed correctly.

You might imagine, then, that putting wind holes in a banner would help. This is why we are covering this topic. One of the most common questions we are asked is this:

Are wind holes in a banner a good idea?

After decades of testing, research and real world experience, we have come to this conclusion – the answer is an emphatic “No!”

Wind holes, or wind slits in banners do more harm that good, inducing tears in the material. Think about it for a minute – adding a wind slit is simply putting a weakness in the banner, creating a natural point for the banner to begin tearing from. And over the years, that’s what we have seen. Countless banners destroyed because of adding wind holes.

So, what’s the alternative? Correct installation.

How do I install a banner correctly?

Banners that have sailtrack edges are simple – pull tight on each edge until the banner is completely flat and screw the track into the wall. Banners with ropes and eyelets are slightly different. Use the ropes and eyelets to your advantage. Purchase a few springs from BCF or something similar, and run the rope through the spring and then through the eyelet. Pull tight, tie it off and voila! A taut banner that will stay flat but have enough “give” to release any air built up against it.

We hope that this helps with installations, but more importantly that you’ll realise that wind holes are a bad idea. With some careful thought, we can ensure your banners last for years.

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