How long does it take to make a banner?

If there’s one question we hear more often than anything else, it’s this: How long does it take to make a banner? Well, here at Banners Perth, we pride ourselves on our quick turnaround.


Banner printing is done fairly quickly, usually within a few days. Allowing five working days is a good indication. This will ensure your banner is produced in the highest quality and with all sewing carefully attended to.

Installation of banners, however, can take a little longer. Usually, it’s one to two weeks, depending on weather, location and size. The sailtrack banner skin you see above is just one example of a large format banner that would take around a week and a half to make.

But remember, we produce all our banners here in our Malaga factory, in Perth, meaning it’s made by locals who understand your needs. And if you need something quicker, there’s always the option of a rush fee.

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